Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quilling It Thursdays Episode 5- Quilled Flower

Happy Thursday to all. Today I am picking up from where I left off with  my Quilling It Thursdays. For today I Quilled a simple flower, looks like a sunflower, what do you think?  Very simple, it was made using Shaped Marquis for the petals and a tight circle for the center.  I hope you give it a try. This flower is a good start for all the beginners.  I am preparing a few video tutorials and hope to post them soon.  Thank you all for your patience and for your continued support.  Your comments encourage me to keep on creating, thank you, thank you!  Here's my card for today...

Happy Quilling everyone and hope you can visit again next time!

Quilled Hugs,
Linda K.


  1. Love the colour combo and its simplicity..

    Cheers from Malaysia,

  2. Very nice. Do you buy the paper strips or do you cut your own?

    Marjorie from TX

    m.brundagetx at yahoo dot com

    1. I just noticed that you have your own store so I guess that answers my question.

      Marjorie from TX

  3. very pretty, love the layers under the flowers, really stands out !!!

  4. Thursdays are more beautiful with your sunnyflower!
    ps.I'd love you to come and visit,if you'll have the pleasure and,of course,time.

  5. Beautiful job on your card! Love the embossing too.


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